Some items are already built and are for sale. Please email for current stock. If you like what you see, we can build another one just for you, or we can make something the likes of which the world has never seen! Let's talk...

Gazebo / Timber Frame

Griffith Park Tea House

A great example of early Los Angeles timber frame architecture. Installed overnight on an abandoned concrete platform in Griffith Park on June 30, 2015, the teahouse was built from salvaged redwoods that were damaged in the park fire of 2007. Each piece is a different dimension which made this effectively into a sculpture in that every joint was hand scribed and fitted.  Not a single metal fastener or bracket was used in the building of this frame, as with all others. If you want to know what else was done with the wood, check here.

Red paneling and infill roof panels by others.

Gazebo / Timber Frame

Griffith Park Tea House Replica

Based upon the original Teahouse design, this replica model is available for reorder and customization. You can have something just like what you see here, or customize it to suit your needs and tastes. Email for inquiries.

Swinging Bench / Furniture

Swinging Bench LA

The frame is cut from structural Douglas Fir. The bench is from the leftover California Redwood from the Griffith Park Teahouse project. This is mostly the last of the redwoods in the park as they are water hungry and not quite suited for life in LA. Now they have a second life. This bench and frame are made entirely out of wood and a little wood glue where needed. The only metal is the swinging mounts and chain.

Pergola / Timber Frame

Israel Pergola

This was designed by the fine folks at Timber Frame Israel, Timber Frame LA's unofficial sister company. TFLA helped with the layout, cutting and install in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Arched Bed Frame / Furniture

Timber Bed Frame

The frame is cut from structural Douglas Fir with select redwood braces and arches. The design concept behind this was to constrain all proportions to regularly available lumberyard wood. For example, the curved arches were made from 2x12's and everything else was made from 4x4 or 4x6. Hand cut mortise and tenon joinery ensure that this bed frame will last as long as you can keep the termites away. With a beautiful 2-step stain and multiple coats of Danish oil, this should be just as good as new the day your grandchildren give it to their children. Please email me for pricing and availability. This can be customized to your individual tastes.

Teahouse Bench / Furniture

Griffith Park Teahouse Bench

After the teahouse was carted off into storage to await its next appearance at San Pedro and then Echo Park, I was commissioned by the Dept. of Rec and Parks to provide a bench to memorialize the event. Although it hasn't been spared vandalism and mistreatment, it is still there today, providing rest and hope.

Teahouse Bench / Furniture

Griffith Park Teahouse Bench Sister

With the other half of the log I used to build the Teahouse bench, I created a sister bench that has been sold to a private party. Check out the journey of the wood, from beginning to beginning.

Swings and Sculptures / Art

Lost and Found LA

Installed two months after the La Tuna Canyon fire, this installation was inspired by kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer and gold. In marking breakage with gold, kintsugi illuminates damage as a meaningful part of an object’s history. The project transformed a site of loss into a place of memory and renewal.