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There's a lot going on behind the scenes. Click on the icon below and activate the 3d model. Use the arrow on the right to get the 3d controls. Zoom in and take a closer look at what's really going on.


A mortise is a hole or recess cut into a part, designed to receive a corresponding projection (a tenon) on another part so as to join or lock the parts together.


A tenon is a projecting piece of wood made for insertion into a mortise in another piece.

Shou sugi ban

Also known as Yakisugi, this technique is credited to the Japanese. Wood is charred to varying extents which thereby creates a layer of carbon on the outside of the wood member, insulating it from UV light, water and insects. Not only does it preserve, but it hardens the wood to a degree as well. Although preferred in most cases, it can be delicate and is not recommended on high-wear surfaces.

Handmade CA Redwood business cards

September 2017 was the La Tuna Canyon fire in Los Angeles. We worked on a project memorializing the fire and it's destructive and regenerative qualities. The Theodore Payne Nursery was gracious enough to donate some native, locally grown California Redwood to the project. These business cards were made from the remnants of that wood.